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Bird bath or watering hole for deer?


I was given an old web camera and was able to locate software drivers for it on the internet.  Realizing a camera pointing out the window was not the most practical use of the device, heck I could just as well look out the window, I decided to do something different and  create my own web site allowing anyone to see what might be happening here in Ham Lake, Minnesota.

Web Camera

This is a link to my live camera.  Camera updates every 30 seconds between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM (CT).   Since nothing maybe happening on the live shot, I also have a page that captures detected motion.  In addition to the camera pointing out the side, another camera is positioned to watch the front and the bird feeders.  Several viewing options are available with this camera.  If you have a slow internet connection I suggest either the still picture which is updated every 30 seconds or the small video.  If you have a high speed connection give the large video a try.

Web Radio

One of the latest toys I have added to my collection is a Japan Radio Corporation (JRC) NRD-545 shortwave radio.  Coverage is from 10 kHz - 2.0 GHz  It can be accessed and tuned and monitored remotely.  Or you can simply listen to what is currently playing.

Pirate Radio

Herman Content is a very good friend I met through my online radio. Herman lives in Gent, Belgium and has had a long interest in offshore radio. He got me interested too and I find it fun to listen to the offshore operating on shortwave. Visit Herman's website to see his vast colection of offshore radio inforamtion, pictures, recordings, etc.

Local Weather

Current weather conditions along with trends from my Davis Weather Monitor II station can be seen here.

Wyoming Camping and Fishing

Our family went to the Big Horns Mountains when we were kids.  Now that we are older, we have been going back to enjoy the peaceful beauty.  You can see some photos of my brother Paul and me on our 2002200320042006 or 2007 camping and fishing trips.

IVIUDFS Comments and Workaround

Discussion on a software installation problem I had with a DVD and the way I worked around it can be found here.

Pictorial memories of my wife

Bethy 1 and 2.

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