IVIUDFS Comments and Workaround

After receiving my first software product in DVD format and having major problem installing I started looking for answers. What is this DVD?  Is it in some special format?  What is system type IVIUDFS?  Strangely 2 of my systems came up with IVIUDFS (both XP) while the Vista PC said the system type was UDF.

It was time to do some searching on the Internet I started seeing others having the same problems. Some said it was a Vista format while others claimed it was not. Some said it worked on their XP systems just fine and others were like me, they had problems. Some claimed it was 3rd party format, while others claimed it was because the PC had spyware, viruses, bootlegged software was on the PC preventing proper DVD reading, warez and even torrents. In the hours of searching nowhere did I find a solution.

After many hours of searching my PC, comparing one to another I finally made an educated guess what IVIUDFS was and even more hours how to workaround the installation problem. Not wanting to forget my steps and to share the information I decided the easiest method was to create a webpage.

What is IVIUDFS? Let’s start by breaking IVIUDFS into 3 parts –

IVI = InterVideo Inc. Foistware PC manufactures installed on my 2 XP systems. On my system it is a DVD player WinDVD (V4), Disc Master 2.5 and WinDVD Creator. Look in your start programs for entries starting with InterVideo or your hard drive for C:\Program Files\InterVideo

UDF = The file system we want.

S = Got me, maybe system.

So what we have is InterVideo’s UDF file system. But what is that? My guess is InterVideo puts a pre or post driver around the system’s DVD driver. My experience was it has problems reading the entire data disk causing the installation to fail.

Enough chatter how do you workaround the problem?

First using My Computer or Windows Explorer make sure these steps can help you. Right click on you DVD to insure your problem is IVIUDFS. Look for a File System: IVIUDFS

If so continue on otherwise look elsewhere for you answer.

Make sure you have administrator privileges for the following.

Click start and then Run…

In the dialog enter %systemroot%\system32\drivers

Click OK

Locate IviUdf

Rename this file to something you will remember. I chose to simply append Piece of Shit

That’s it. If you are impatient give your DVD a whirl, but I suggest rebooting first.

Since I occasionally use the WinDVD player after I completed my installation I used the steps above to rename the file back by removing the appendage.

I hope this solves your problem too. Good Luck.

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