Truck and camper are packed and ready to go in the morning A little refreshment before dinner Mmmmm-mmmmm good Sure is look'n good They say it was a very dry summer Where is Dad this evening? If this keeps up Penny's food will soon be gone Ahh - peace and quiet This is really beautiful The color of autumn - simply beautiful I am not sure the hike was worth it Let's get moving - what is taking you so long? Don't say we ate too much - fishing is hard work Thinking of the fun we had together Can't we stay another week?

Wyoming 2006

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Truck and camper are packed and ready to go in the morning

Happy hour - peanuts and Dr. Chill

Anyone for making fish soup?

You can have the soup - I will take this

Stream depth must be a foot lower than last year

We did not see Bullwinkle this year

Canada Jay making off with dog's food

Come on little fishy bite. Note - normal water line at Paul's chest level.

Me - I simply enjoyed watching the waves and clouds

The colors of autumn are really showing

Fishing in Sherd Lake (Cloud Peak Wilderness)

Come on guys - going down is much easier than going up

A little snack of smoked rainbow trout before dinner

This sure was a GREAT vacation

What do you mean we have to go home?

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