Supper fit for a king The snow was pretty, but cold A refreshing coating to this evergreen Don't say we ate too much - fishing is hard work Wow - can I see my hand in front of my face? Looks much better today They are safe if they stay out there Time for a little wading and hike Nothing here right now Ummm-Ummm good In need of some repair Feels so good and warm on a cool night All packed and ready to head for home :-( This was fun and I do not not to leave

Wyoming 2007


The year of the WOLF!!!

While very soundly sleeping I was awakened at 3:30 to the howling of a wolf pack.  The noise was deafening as they must have been very near our camp.

A couple of nights later we were watching for deer and elk in the meadow across from our camping site when we saw a deer running.  A short while later a deer is running in the other direction.  Minutes later a wolf emerges from the trees and must have sensed our presence and quickly retreated to the forest.

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Who cares if the fish did not bite today and we must settle for steak instead

Mother Nature provided a little beauty to our morning

Even up close the snow looked pretty

Know wonder it is called Cloud Peak Wilderness Area - we are in the clouds

Sunshine and the same view as above - much better today

I am a bird dog but I will be damned if I will get wet getting them

For years we have camped here and I have often wondered what is on the other side

Now I know - a big meadow and three small ponds

Thanks to Paul we will not go hungry tonight

Time to feed my extra worms to the landlocked trout in the little pond

Ahhh - to sit back and enjoy a little fire

Another fine trip is coming to and end

Couldn't we stay a little longer???

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